My Life According to My iPod

While editing some of my work, I put on my iPod which I haven’t done in awhile since my car does not have a plug-in for it and my commute to work is mercifully only 10-15 minutes maximum, so I rarely get to listen to my music. I wasn’t even thinking about listening to music, but the sound of gunfire from the b.f.s Black Ops game was distracting and annoying and then poof I realized I have this great piece of technology to help me drown out the sound. Right now I’m listening to White Stripes’ song “There’s No Home for You Here” from their Elephant album. Prior to that I was listening to Mobb Deep’s “Temperatures Rising” from The Infamous album. Before that it was Mary J Blyge’s “My Life” on the album of the same name and before that was Madonna’s La Isla Bonita which is on one of her old albums but in my case is on her first best-of collection, Immaculate Collection. This got me to thinking, what else is in this here iPod, here’s a light sampling:

  • Alice in Chains: the m’fin “Rooster” ya’ll, if you don’t know it listen to it, definitely a song for any soldier at war. Can’t remeber the original album name but I have it on their greatest hits album. 
  • Aaliyah: her last album
  • Lady Gaga’s “Fame”
  • Amy Whinehouse’s “Back to Black”, oh how I wanted to hear more music from this talented woman, R.I.P. Amy
  • Ce Ce Peniston’s single “Finally” off of who knows what album, this is some early 90s stuff for real
  • Curtis Mayfield’s single “Move On Up” from his Future Shock album, I just love this song, no matter what
  • Fela Kuti’s Fela album
  • LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, a classic and my first cd purchase
  • M.IA.’s Kala
  • Nas’s Ill Matic, It Was Written, and self-titled albums
  • Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth Mecca and the Soul Brother with one of my all time faves, They Reminisce Over You for Heavy D’s dancer Trouble T. Roy, that song can still bring me to tears
  • TV On The Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain
  • Wale’s Attention Deficit
  • some random mid-90s Baltimore Club remixes, most notably a club beat to South Park’s Terrance & Phillip saying “Shut your fucking face uncle fucker”…it looks horrible in writing but I promise if you hear it you’ll geek, plus the beat is haaarddd. I need to find a way to share that song, hmmmm
  • Total’s self-titled album under the early banner of Bad Boy
  • Sade’s Soldier of Love
  • Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt (of course) and Vol. 3 Life and Times of S. Carter
  • Katy Perry’s One of the Boys which for me has one of my favorite songs “Hot N Cold”, not only do I love the song I love the video
  • D-Block’s self-titled album with one of my favorite Styles P tracks, “I’m Black”, now that’s an anthem I can get behind
  • and both of Justin Timberlake’s: Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds

Wow! My list is long enough and doesn’t include all the cds I have stored away nor the remainder of artists that I actually uploaded to my iPod. Whenever I’m walking the streets listening to my iPod I always wonder if people around me would be surprised by what I’m listening to; I also wonder what they’re listening to. Your music choices can definitely categorize you, although my iPod library is eclectic there’s definitely a 90s hip-hop trend. As a voyeur, one of my wishes is that I could just have access to everyone’s iPod that I interact with each day and understand that I would have to allow the same transparency. Maybe I’ll look at somebody with a cocked eye like ‘whatchu talkin’ bout Willis’ or maybe I’ll understand them a little better, see some dimension. It’s hard to ignore first impressions but I think viewing someone’s listening catalog would make for some interesting conversations and could prove to be a great icebreaker. What’s in your iPod or MP3 player?

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