Where all the magic happens…

I’m no culinary goddess but I absolutely love when my forays in the kitchen work out well. Don’t take this to mean I can’t cook, I definitely can but oftentimes I’m too lazy during the week for the prep work required for a tasty meal. Tonight, though, I did my thing…tossed greens, grilled chicken breast- care of the Foreman Grill, craisins -I hate that word, red onion and pieces of applewood bacon fresh from the oven (I loathe frying in a pan: it curls up and splatters all over the place including my glasses), all topped with a little goat cheese. I went a step further too…I washed the dishes while cooking so now I have a clean kitchen and a good meal ready to eat whenever I get hungry. The only thing I’m missing is a glass of wine, but alas, I’m fresh out so I must choose between some remnants of cherry vodka with no mixer or some Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey and channel my inner Flozell Leeth aka Pop-Pop, my mom’s father who hails from the backwoods of Alabama…just writing that line made the choice easy for me…whiskey it is!

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