Home Sweet Home

I’m one of those people who love being home because I’m out all week at work and the sweet relief that comes from being home is due in part to being able to ‘let it all hang out’ both literally and figuratively. Don’t confuse this with someone who never leaves the house, because that is certainly not the case but I spend all week at work to pay for the place where I stay and all the bills associated with that, so I definitely get bang for my buck when it comes to fully utilizing my space. That being said, this weekend I stayed in the house preparing for the upcoming week by beautifying. This was my beauty to-do list: wash and curl my hair, file my nails (hate painting since polish chips almost instantly), and rehab my feet (had to say that, they haven’t been out and it shows). Yesterday I spent the entire day in the house, first thoroughly cleaning the bathroom-not just the sink and the toilet- and then vacuuming the main living area (I have a studio apt) which tends to have vagrant feathers all over the floor behind my futon from my mattress cover. Mercifully the dishes were already done which saved me from that task since I do not have a dishwasher. Once my place was clean I was ready to work on self and got down to it. I washed, twisted and set my hair, then broke out the Ped Egg and went to work; incidentally if you buy the Ped Egg I suggest getting the one with the handle, it has great grip and you don’t have to bend over as far to reach your feet if you’re not the most flexible person. After working magic on the heels, I attacked the toes: clipping, filing, buffing and painting them in my current favorite fall/winter color, Dark Angel by MAC. As I finished each task I had a distinct feeling of accomplishment. Of course this all took hours but on the flip side was well worth it since this is me and my friend’s (shout-out to Tish) birthday week and with all the different social events happening I wouldn’t have any other time to take care of these things. Wednesday is Tish’s birthday so we are hitting a happy hour spot to celebrate; Thursday I have a cocktail party; Friday is my birthday and ironically I have no plans as of yet-still not sure what I want to do but I want it to be something that feeds my mind like a play, art-opening, or documentary; Saturday my sister and brother and both of my nieces are coming down to Baltimore to spend the day with me and Sunday my mother is going to make some dinner and my favorite fresh apple spice cake. I have a lot to look forward to which is why I had to pull myself together this weekend because I have neither time nor disposable income to hit up a hair and nail salon during the week. Like I’ve said before and I’ll continue to say, when you’re a chick (or a dude) with champagne tastes and kool-aid money you had better have some skills yourself or you’ll remain perpetually broke trying to keep up the charade.

I’ll hop off my soapbox now and get back to last night. While performing my beauty regimen I also watched an insane amount of television, mostly a show my mother recommended, ‘Shameless’, a series on Showtime whose central character is a drunk father of 6 kids, ranging in age from 21 to 1 years old living on the south side of Chicago. The father is played by William H. Macy who I’m used to seeing in comedy roles, but who plays his role as drunk, outspoken patriarch aka sperm donor so well. Meanwhile his beleaguered children are so busy taking care of themselves that they don’t have time to angst over how much of a selfish jerk he really is; they remain in survival mode fiercely protecting each other and their father and some pretty funny shit happens in the process.  I got so caught up that I watched 6 episodes On Demand; I know I’ve said it before but On Demand is a wonderful thing that I probably should have never familiarized myself with…doesn’t that sound like Dave Chappelle’s Rick James skit where he says “cocaine’s a helluva drug”…I just cracked myself up!

 Enter Sunday, I slept off my tv hangover, had some breakfast, washed dishes and am now avoiding dry rot in the brain aka the tv is off.   Today, like yesterday, is a beautiful day and I’m trying to figure out how to best spend the next couple of hours until the boyfriend gets off work and we head to dinner. I’m really thinking I need to pick up the current book I’m reading, Waxed by Robert Rave, a novel I just started which is centered around three sisters, one who owns the spa du jour in NYC and the others who work for/with her and the clients they encounter. It’s too early in the book for me to tell how the story will progress but there’s a healthy amount of conflict building so it’s just what I need right now. So! It’s settled, I had to write all of this to determine how I want to spend the rest of this gorgeous, sunny, mild-tempered day and it will be in the backyard with my book.

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