Behind the Chair at Fashion Week

Top: Mezei

Bottom: Weave by Mezei; Designer: Irina Shabayeva, Season 6 Project Runway Winner

My brother Mezei was in NYC last week doing hair for some of the designers participating in Fashion Week. Even more exciting for me, he was invited to do hair for the always original, wild print and pink-loving clothing designer, Betsey Johnson. This is Mezei’s 3rd year working Fashion Week and I still find it hard to believe that he’s there! Not because of his skills but because when I think of the rural/suburban corner of Maryland that we come from, thoughts of being able to work or attend Fashion Week are akin to a pipedream. All these years later, my brother’s presence at this monumental fashion event seems almost unbelievable, except for the fact it is very much real and he has the backstage passes to prove it.  Of course I always badger him about what he sees behind the scenes (controlled chaos), who he sees  (this year Beyonce), and what he does (execute the designer’s vision). So how did a guy born and raised in a small Maryland town end up doing hair for the likes of Bestey Johnson at Fashion Week? Was it because he always dreamed of doing this and so, with a plan of action, worked tirelessly toward this end all his life? No, he started off as all hair stylists must, in a local beauty school. He then worked for years behind the chair in various chain salons in the Maryland/DC area and for a time, that was enough. Thanks to raw talent, the support of friends, and continued education to expand his knowledge base and create his personal niche (color), Mezei has catapulted himself into a known player in the hair field. I’m so impressed with his development, especially knowing the challenges he has faced over the years. It has always been a dream of mine to attend Fashion Week, I don’t care about being seated in the first row; I just want to be a chameleon voyeur. My brother achieving that goal and doing one better, having behind-the-scenes access has in some ways fulfilled that desire.

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