So Today…

I decided to start my very first blog. Since the advent of the blog, I have held quite a negative view of it and the importance one must feel to put their thoughts and ideas out there for everyone to read. I was always anti-blog mostly because everyone was scrambling to do it and frankly I don’t like the word blog-it sounds pretentious- What has changed you say? Discovering that like the ill-fated ‘no child left behind’ law, I do not want to watch as opportunities to write and share slip through my fingers. You know those ‘water cooler’ conversations you hear about or participate in, where you are brutally honest without fear of reprisal, telling tales about yourself, others, bosses…? Well I figured this could help me rise above the supposed self-importance I might feel and really allow me to share observations I don’t want to forget. I could try to wax poetic and help you ‘understand’ why I’m here now, but that’s boring, suffice it to say I gotta eat my words and get started. Welcome to my rambles and observations!


In other news, this morning I was driving to work and at a major intersection spied the unofficial ‘hood’ car of Baltimore…what is that you say? The Hoveround! I wish I had a following right now, because I need to know if this is a Baltimore thing or what! Anyhoo, this rather large brown skinned  woman wearing matching banana-yellow tank top and pants, sporting a patterned Chanel knock-off doo-rag tied to the front, decided to hesitate on a street corner and right when the light was changing make a break for it and cross a wide azz intersection. Like a true G I kept rolling peeping her, in my mirror, get caught up in the middle of traffic. Two questions: is there a free government give away for these things because I’m not lying…there are a high concentration of these joints all around the city; and why the hell does every damn body choose to stand on the curb the whole time the light is red and then have their ‘Ah-Ha’ moment on the green light? Ya’ll mickey-fickey’s (thanks Spike) need to stop! Wait, I just had my Ah-Ha moment…maybe crossing on the green light is what has caused the ‘ripple effect’ of our Hoveround peeps: they cross on the green light-that azz gets clipped-no insurance-leads to some Medicare-next thing you know you gotta script for a HoverRound cause you’ve become Tiiiimmmmmmyyyyy from South Park. I’m done.

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