“Hair on Soap”

Image: Book cover mock-up via Kickstarter promo pageBaltimore author and  D.I.Y. creative talent Michelle Dwyer needs some help. She has a Kickstarter campaign for her new book “Hair on Soap”, an “interactive zine diary” complete with fabulous unique locally created hair inspired stickers. We all have a hair story, Michelle uses this zine diary to share hers …

Ashy to Classy

…I just wanted an excuse to quote Biggie Ashy hands Unkempt eyebrows Unsaturated lips; desert dunes Stumped lashes Unadorned ears & wrists Unremarkable hair Now… Lotioned fingertips Smoothed & filled eyebrows Shaped & embellished lips dashed with color Elongated lashes Twinkling earlobes & illuminated wrists Headbanded hair with flapperesque twist My transformation