10 Ways to Promote Your Project for Free With Bloggers, Journalists and Podcasters



I was having a conversation the other day with a fellow blogger and writer and we both were lamenting the fact that although we both like to promote indie artists, (mostly writers and comic book creators) we are often inundated with emails, tweets and DMs from people wanting us to promote their work. (I can’t IMAGINE what editors at major publications go through). On top of that, there don’t seem to be any rules of engagement for artists, writers, and creators for how to approach bloggers, journalists or podcasters when it comes to self-publicizing their work. So from that conversation came this list. Let me know what you think!

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Words of wisdom.

“Chains” by Usher featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly #DontLookAway

Powerful!!! Check out Usher’s new interactive music video which uses your webcam to ensure you‪ #‎DontLookAway‬. The video asks you to contemplate racial injustice by showing images of several victims. If you look away the music and video stop. Of course I had to test that theory and it did happen. The couple of times I looked away, the song stopped and “Don’t look away” appeared on the screen. It took up to 10 secs at longest to return to song. I commend Usher for such an innovative approach to challenge us to fight against the status quo.

Here’s the video:


“Hair on Soap”


Image: Book cover mock-up via Kickstarter promo page

Baltimore author and  D.I.Y. creative talent Michelle Dwyer needs some help. She has a Kickstarter campaign for her new book “Hair on Soap”, an “interactive zine diary” complete with fabulous unique locally created hair inspired stickers. 

We all have a hair story, Michelle uses this zine diary to share hers and nudges you to share yours too. Expect creativity, collage and a nod to the zines I remember from the riot grrrl inspired nineties. 

Check out Michelle’s Kickstarter campaign and as she says in her video “Hair should not define you, but it is a part of you, so love yourself no matter what.”


Dear Diary-12/13/03

In an effort to start a new essay I’ve been reading through my old journals. I have at least six not even half-filled journals and consult with them when the essay well runs dry. Sadly I have never been a prolific journaler, in fact ever since my Mom found (and read) my diary back when I was in 9th grade and discovered I wasn’t a virgin, I have never been able to fill a journal again. I was afraid of writing anything down. Funny how times have changed.

Now on the cusp of turning 40, I just randomly opened to the above date and read my stream of consciousness entry written when I was a mere 27 years of age. Here it is unedited:

I have this new infatuation w/ the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat which I must whole-heartedly credit to having seen Geoffrey Jeffrey Wright’s (along w/ David Bowie’s) picture on the cover of the video. The movie Basquiat was so good!!! I went on-line today and researched him a bit-surprisingly I found “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” an  a collaboration btwn. Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat–supposedly a children’s intro for poetry and art including small bibliographies. Did they come together

 Who suggested this? 

I’m finding that other people’s points-of-view spew all over the place-forming ideas and framing lives. Not feeling comfortable in your own skin can cause misguided trust in others like an interviewee with a journalist. People form their own opinions to fit suit their view or

Nebulous: indistinct vague

That’s it, I end my entry with the above definition and dangling thought. I’m still into the story of Basquiat the man. I am always inspired by those who live and breathe their work. Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly a writer since I haven’t abandoned everything in my life to throw myself upon the page.  

I’m glad I wrote the definition of nebulous. I appreciate the sounds of this word. Reading this entry doesn’t make me cringe, it just reminds me of things forgotten and now I’m revisiting them. I plan to post some more diary entries soon. 

Do you ever read old diary’s or journals? If yeah, do you feel uncomfortable or find unexpected treasures that reveal a forgotten part of yourself?