James McBride Wins National Book Award

One more week of school and I’ll be free to read what I want. First up is James McBride’s newest book “The Good Lord Bird.” Thanks to M. Tyler for telling me today that it won The National Book Award! I’m so glad I got to meet him this summer at the Bmore Book Fest and get him to sign my book.  I actually coughed up the courage to tell him  I write memoir and he gave me 2 book suggestions. Congratulations to Mr. McBride!!!!! 

James McBride Wins National Book Award

Afternoon Delight

It all started innocently enough. I took a walk to the Sound Garden during lunch… then I saw this little gem:


Words can’t express my hysteria seeing Mr. Hanky aver scarf, on the easy chair (not melting) by the fire. This image is definitely a throwback. I just might have bought this foolishness if it was 0.99 just to hear what a Mr. Hanky Christmas song sounded like. I didn’t even know he existed beyond South Park.

After buying Motown and Phil Spector presents…Christmas albums I started to walk back to the jobbie, then wandered into Su Casa where I salivated over this:


Then I saw these, now I want a wall of clocks, they could run or not, I don’t really care, well maybe as long as my blurry one above works:


After wishing that someone would buy me almost everything in Su Casa for Christmas, I headed back out into the real world (i.e. back to work) and looked down and saw this:


When I got home after work, I checked my phone and saw I took mad randoms, just like that assignment in Creativity class. I was getting ready to trash them and relieve some pressure on my available gigs, when something said take a look, most were the same image so I’ll give you a taste of each:




I don’t know what this last one is but I can’t trash just because I have no clue.

Just wanted to share a little photo-essay of my lunch break. Ciao!

Nails as Procrastination…MFA Problems

This afternoon in an effort to put the brakes on some editing I decided it was the perfect time to take off my toenail polish. It’s hung in there since my birthday in October; the fogged out purple color, named British Mist or something like that, growing out rather than chipping off. My toenails had begun to look like they were British Mist-tipped. 

After removing the polish and clipping the nails I dug around in my lacquer stash and noticed something, I really like the color purple: the color, the movie and the book! Different hues of purple are my equivalent of the bold red; it’s my power color. It never struck me before. Then today I’m rustling around in my nail basket looking for a color to dazzle my eyes, (I like to watch my fingertips flash over the keyboard at work), and I see a trend, purple. Out of seven polishes, five are some variation of purple: Bastille My Heart and Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (OPI); Let’s Talk (Sinful Color or SC), the deep purple by Butter of London, and a shimmery light purple by Sephora. Then I notice I have a neutral trend: two Essie lacquers both Limo-Scene. I literally just now realized I duplicated my efforts and bought the same one twice thinking they were different. Classic. 

The moral of this story is I know what I want when it comes to my nails. I’ve tried some nail art to glam things up but don’t have the patience for it especially since polish on natural nails tends to chip relatively quickly. 

My only wild child polish is OPI’s Gone Gonzo (that’s right thee Muppet Gonzo), a concentrated blue sparkly concoction of blue and silver glitter. It’s tons of fun to wear but a raging bitch to take off; the glitter digs into your nails and resists remover. 

Thanks for procrastinating with me; I guess I’ll get back to twerking (auto-correct said tweaking but I preferred tweaking here- hey auto-correct don’t be such a goodie goodie) my finals for school. 

Afterthought: I think the names of my colors reveal a bit about me too: the whole French thing with the Bastille and Louvre…I’ve always wanted to visit France, in fact it was my dream to live a year abroad in Paris. Let’s Talk is what I do all day long at work, talk talk talk, and what I like do in my free time. Then we’ve got Limo-Scene. Who wouldn’t want to be on the limo-scene, driven around by someone, able to spread out with all of your peoples and pop bottles?

Now for real, I gotta get some more work done!

The Mobbies: It was an honor just to be nominated…

Pic: Outside the Creative Alliance

…said through tear-stained Tammy Faye eyelashes and running mascara. I want to thank thee academy…

Seeing my Mobbies ranking this week made me want to break into the snow dance that Drake does beside the car in the “Started from the Bottom” video. Ok, so it’s not THAT serious, but I’m eff’ing excited y’all! It’s time for me to crack open my bottle of red. I want a celebratory sip for my Mobbies ‘best personal blog’ ranking which would NOT have been possible without all of my peoples and friends of my peoples representing so lovely for me. 

The Mobbies, Maryland’s outstanding blog awards – overseen by the Baltimore Sun – held an award ceremony at the Creative Alliance (awesome artist collective, non-profit, gallery space, theater) this past Tuesday. I didn’t win first place but I’m ecstatic about the results; rankings were posted the next day and yours truly ended up in 5th place out of 31 nominees in my category. I’m especially proud because I didn’t know I was nominated until I stumbled across it while Googling my blog (don’t judge me, i wasn’t at home). My discovery came a week after voting opened so I was already working at a deficit; because of all of you not only was I in the game, I was a viable contender.

Thank you all!!!

J.G. and Lily get special mention; J.G. for letting me know The Mobbies exist and Lily for nominating me on the low. 

Now if you want a visual of how I felt when I saw my ranking and how much I appreciate y’all check out Drake’s snow jig; it’s my gift to you:



I need your help. Today I found out I was nominated for The Mobbies, Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs!!! Thanks to those who helped me to get to that stage. Now I need you to VOTE for me. Cija’s Quips is nominated under ‘Best Personal Blog’. Please go to the following site and vote. Thank you in advance! Polls close Thursday.