Throwback Quip: How to Read the September Issue of Vogue

It’s that magical time of year again, when hot and humid summer days are numbered and the whispery cool of early fall is just around the corner. I know it’s official when the September issue ofVoguehas arrived. This morning I spied it on the racks at my local Whole Foods and had to get it. Let the fantasy and inspiration begin!

Check out a piece I wrote for HelloGiggles two years ago about the joys of reading the September issue:

35 & Up Problems: The Fan, a Necessary Accessory

I have a problem.

I’m hot.

I sweat,


even on a not-so-hot day

fresh out of the shower.

If there’s a whisper of humidity

then mountain dew*

springs forth 

speckling skin 

in dampness.

So now I arm myself.

I carry a fan.

I prefer folding fans for convenient carriage


you can get a good wind going with a wicker church fan.

I’m not alone.

My friends and I 

carry fans to the club or the backyard bbq

whether by manicured hand, metallic clutch, buttery leather shoulder bag, or monogrammed wristlet.

Is this normal?

Is it our age?

Am I skidding into perimenopause?


Are we all just hot-blooded women?

I prefer the latter.

In the summer I won’t leave home without it.

I’m hot 

I sweat,

no matter the season. 

A fan, like a book

is a necessary item I won’t leave home without.

*mountain dew, my Grandmother Thelma’s description of chest sweat

Shout-out to Jen just over my shoulder in the pic…I don’t think she’s crossed over into the 35&up club, notice she is not carrying a fan;-)

Summa’s Ovah and my LA Vacay is Fading…

…so time to post some pics like I promised 2 weeks ago so I can relive all the fun moments! I miss you Kimmy, Blaire, G’Brey, Season, Prince and even Hutch;-)



First LOL of the day with Kim enjoying cocktails at 26.



Prince’s arse laid up on my dayum pillow cleaning his gibs!


Ahhhh first day


Checkin out the barrio from the backyard balcony…we saw a sandy colored fox up on that ridge directly across from the balcony. That day Prince & Hutch, the cats of the crib, decided they may not want to play outside after all.


Had some $1 tacos and yummy margarita’s with K & Breezy at Candela


Blurry off them ‘rites post-happy hour


Dexter & I; isn’t he sexy?


Not the best pic, but lovely view and night



Ride to Rideau Vineyard


Look at this beautiful place. Black, female-owned vineyard right outside Santa Barbara! Gorgeous day, drive and time well-spent with my friend, her Mom and her Mom’s BFF:)





This is a bottle of Bon Temps White…of course I was in love with the True Blood reference but on the real, the owner, Iris Rideau (who we got to meet!) is from New Orleans 

Now for the Django Strange Fruit looming on a hill above the property



So the next day I got to see old friends and former co-workers Miriam & Carla and have lunch at our old school lunch break haunt C&O Trattoria. It’s all about the garlic rolls y’all!

After lunch Miriam and I sauntered down to the beach…



…little did we know later that day or the next an evil man would ride his car down the boardwalk plowing into people like he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

After a day o’ fun with the gals, I got ready to go out so ya know a ‘selfie’ was in order;-)


I love love love this tee! Bought this at Artscape this year but no tag so have no clue where to get another. Decided to rep Baltimore to go see my girl Fresh Air Frolics spin @ Buddah’s Belly on Beverly. Good times.


COLLEGE REUNION!!!!!! Love ya ladies! T-you’re my MFA partner, keep the art comin’

Afterward Buddah’s Belly we moved the party to Bar Lubitsch to hear Mr. J-Logic spin some tunes.


B picked me up and took me to Little Dom’s in Los Feliz for lunch! 


Aftermath. BTW, that little coffee pot was genius and sexy. It’s the little things in life, mimosas and coffee, boar meat bacon (I, ummm, thought that ‘boar’ was a brand not the meat), and some dayum airy-buttery- blueberry pancakes. I almost forgot, we had fried risotto balls as well…craziness! After we left, we crossed the street and B got hit by a car being driven by an old lady whose head barely made it above the wheel. She was apologetic. B pretended it didn’t happen, but I know!

Backstory: With B & I there’s always a little extra je ne sais quoi that follows wherever we go.

So after our jaunt  to Los Feliz, B and I decided to go on a driving tour of LA, and conjure up our old days. Back when we were roomies and had a late night, we’d get up and she would drive us everywhere, but mostly to Tower Records on Sunset where we would buy the latest cd and go on a ride while listening to new tunes. This Saturday was the same, minus  Tower. We rode around Beverly Hills where I spotted a squirrel crossing the street with a giant half peeled perfectly ripe avocado. Next we rode around Rodeo people watching. For real, I saw a woman wearing a black tank and sweat shorts with white sneakers and socks avec fanny pack…it seemed like such an oxymoron. 

We decided to hit up Melrose which just isn’t as interesting to me anymore. It used to be the cool tshirt, dress, and accessory spot but now it’s just tired. My best memory of the place is my Funshop class @ Groundlings.

While walking down Melrose some corn-fed, Idaho-looking, kinda cute but trying too hard kid stopped B & I. We were immediately cautious as dude was sporting the Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas fishing cap, but it was too clean. He had on a tank top with a British flag pattern with some distressed jean shorts rolled at the knee. His joints were so distressed that his wallet was hanging half out of his back pocket. Dude looked like a mark. So yeah, he stops us and tries to ask a question but before he can, I politely advise that his wallet his hanging out of his pocket and this m’effer wants  to say something like, ‘yeah that’s fine and all, I just need to know if I can use your medical card’ and points toward one of those dispensaries famous in LA. Nah son, I don’t have a medical marijuana card and even if I did I’m not loaning that isht to you AND you aren’t going to 21 Jump Street me!

We shook the spot, hitting the road to head back to the house when I was accosted at a red light by a middle-aged man waving me down from an unmarked white van. He shouted  ‘mira! mommy!’ and offered the flowers, I was like, ‘nah, I’m not paying for those’, he thrust them at me and said free, so he passed them through the window to me and voila, I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a real bark covered vase…B said I’s married now.



Was about the Fairfax Flea Mkt where I used to get all my furniture back in the day. Now I was just hoping for a gaudy piece of jewelry or an LA specific item that just spoke to me. Kimmy, Fresh Air Frolics and I strolled, talked shit and eyeballed everything. I saw these:


I want one. Mmmm, the smooth pressure of the keys against my fingertips and how they fit just so makes me long for the space to start a collection.


Breakfast @ restaurant around the corner from Kim’s on Adams. Can’t remember the name but I’ll be back!


Well, this was my last day and I enjoyed but would have enjoyed it much more had I been able to wear my new cute bathing suit and soak up the suns rays on the beach, but the weather was tepidly warm at best, so no such luck. Kim, Seasone, and I went to Venice Beach to perhaps find some interesting random item, but apparently the old awesome silver store with mad stuff has evaporated, so I enjoyed the sights:



It seems wrong to post this…like I should label it as ADULT ONLY. I have never in my life seen a mannequin with that much ‘detail’! I felt like I was at the Hustler store rather than standing in front of a store on a beach boardwalk.

Later I saw this…image

Check out the new train line being built over Venice @ Robertson. Times have changed.


I wanted the perfect palm-lined street pic. When I think about what I love about this place, this right here screams LA. I miss it and my peeps already:)

Two Year Blogiversary: Check out My Top 5 Posts!



Cija’s Quips turned 2 today!

That was the message I received yesterday from Tumblr and I have to admit I was ecstatic. I was shocked to realize I’d actually been blogging for 2 years! My life has changed quite a bit since then and only for the better! In honor of this special occasion I have pulled 5 of my personal favorite posts. If reading these inspires you to want to read more, click on archives.

Without further ado, here they are in the order they were first posted:

  1. Awkward Moments– My reaction to my white girlfriends (back in high school) always hooking me up with the token black guy 
  2. Jeggings, Leggings, and Tights Oh My– My rant about this fashion epidemic that won’t quit, still relevant.
  3. Music Muses– Do you remember your first vinyl, tape, and/or cd purchase? Here I recount mine.
  4. I Heart Miss Piggy– My ode to one of my fave Muppets, Miss Piggy.
  5. A Chicken Box and a Hug- My recounting of a friend’s snarky response to the chicken-box, a Baltimore “delicacy”

Legends of Summer: The Concert I Almost Didn’t Attend Because of Post-Vacay Fatigue!

Gettin Ready! I’m a sucka for red, so I was already entranced.

Jammin’ off!

Trayvon Tribute: Forever Young closed the show, look at the fireflies.

I typically loathe arena-esque concerts but this JT/Hova mash-up was legit! I wish I could store the images in my brain forever. Less than 24 hours later I find myself desperately trying to corral the memories but there was just too much good stuff to keep it contained!

For starters, as much as I like to hear a new artist it was a relief the show opened with a DJ instead. Dude handled his biz and even had the courage to mix Bel Biv Devoe’s Poison with Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Next up was the dynamic duo opening with Holy Grail. The seamless call and response vibe of each performance felt like there was some grand wizard dj in the sky. Which leads to production quality…Yooo, it was ill! Like how I finessed some 80s & 90s urbanisms? But nah really, the order of the set, the stage design, light production, just the whole dayum thing shivered my timbers. Plus these dudes were just at ease and truly seemed to take real pleasure in performing with each other and for us.

Ok, so on top of the swanky, sexy, kick-back vibe of this concert it’s location was also outstanding…M&T Stadium home of the 2013 Super Bowl Champs!!!! Boo-ya-ka! We chilled under God’s ceiling enjoying the humid sticky night with breezy reprieves and a light dusting of rain.

I have to thank Miss Tinisha for inviting me to share this unforgettable experience with her and her hubby.

I know there has to be a Legends of Summer DVD soon; I can’t wait to cop one and relive the experience.

For now it’s on to ‘Picasso Baby’ On Demand. I’m verrrrry curious