Confessions of a Chick Who Would Rather Watch Real Househusbands of Hollywood than Blog

I’ve been a bad blogger. Correction, I’ve been so consumed by school that I struggle to find my inspiration as quickly as I used to. I also have a fascination with most things HBO and the RHO (insert every city but Miami) franchise. Note: I allow for OC due to their being the OGs of …

All Things Linguistic: 1 year of All Things Linguistic

allthingslinguistic: It’s my 1-year blogiversary! (And that’s totally a word.) To celebrate, some of my favourite posts of the past year. Explaining linguistics: Analogies for explaining what linguistics is Lying, presuppositions, and Lizzie Bennet Diaries Cocktail party linguistics: Explaining… Just stumbled across this goodie basket:)All Things Linguistic: 1 year of All Things Linguistic

Mike Epps as Charles Ramsey

Http:// @djdes Tv Comedy TOO SOON? – MIKE EPPS AS CHARLES RAMSEY! [INTERVIEW SPOOF] We all know Mike Epps aka ‘baby powder’ is special but here’s another reason why…total geek fest!!! EnjoyMike Epps as Charles Ramsey