Edgar Allen Poe spotted on my way to work; this would be an argument to keep Baltimore’s former moniker Charm City…that and the MESSAGE underneath!

thatguysonheroin: Location: Lexington Market, Baltimore, MDRating: PricelessDescription:  In the words of the submitter:  Only Baltimore can be so proud of their addiction heritage and put it in lights.

Apple cake done! New discovery: my oven runs hot so the recommended 75 minutes was too long as evidenced by the crisp top. It might be ok though; I just hope inside of cake isn’t dry.

This is the beginning of my very first attempt to make fresh apple cake; between my mother and Martha Stewart I should be in good hands!

Ahhh, the side effects of creativity happy hour! I was drawing on a styrofoam mannequin head while my partners in crime Mira & Tracy made tree branches and feathered the face, respectively. Our masterpiece is still a work in progress but it’s flowing!

I Heart Voting

TYRA MAIL!!!! I’m so excited that it is election day and that I was in and out of my polling center in 15 minutes, perhaps less. I can’t profess to know all the ins and outs about politics but I do know that my ancesters fought their arses off to ensure black folks had the …

I don’t know that I need to add anything to this… iamachilles: Current state of Manhattan, according to me.