Wannabes vs. Jigaboos: It’s not just a black thing!

Title Reference: Terms used to describe the light-skinned vs. dark-skinned characters in Spike Lee's 1988 film School Daze (a film that explored intra-racism on a college campus). Today I was reminded that it is important to read and become acquainted with other cultures. Doing so reminds us that we, mankind, share many of the same insecurities and issues. This was evident when reading Annie …

I’m clearing random crap from my kitchen and came across my wine boneyard. I’ve kept these bottles so I would remember the stellar ones. Today I realized I could just take a picture, store it on my phone and pull it up when needed. I sure wish all these bottles were full (insert wistful face).

HelloGiggles:14-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Malala Yousufzai Shot By The Taliban For Being a Feminist Blogger

I felt it imperative to post this article.Apparently this shooting took place last week and yet I never heard about it. I only became aware of this horror when checking out my weekly email highlights from HelloGiggles. It saddens me to think that this young girl was shot for expressing her opinions, a freedom I …

Ashy to Classy

…I just wanted an excuse to quote Biggie Ashy hands Unkempt eyebrows Unsaturated lips; desert dunes Stumped lashes Unadorned ears & wrists Unremarkable hair Now… Lotioned fingertips Smoothed & filled eyebrows Shaped & embellished lips dashed with color Elongated lashes Twinkling earlobes & illuminated wrists Headbanded hair with flapperesque twist My transformation