My birthday Kindle from the b.f. and my brother (love you two) has finally arrived and I downloaded my first book…Robert Rave’s Conversations and Cosmopolitans. I wanted to make sure my first purchase would be a must-read; can’t wait to get started!

My Life According to My iPod

While editing some of my work, I put on my iPod which I haven’t done in awhile since my car does not have a plug-in for it and my commute to work is mercifully only 10-15 minutes maximum, so I rarely get to listen to my music. I wasn’t even thinking about listening to music, but the sound of gunfire from the b.f.s Black Ops game was distracting and annoying and then poof I realized I have this great piece of technology to help me drown out the sound. Right now I’m listening to White Stripes’ song “There’s No Home for You Here” from their Elephant album. Prior to that I was listening to Mobb Deep’s “Temperatures Rising” from The Infamous album. Before that it was Mary J Blyge’s “My Life” on the album of the same name and before that was Madonna’s La Isla Bonita which is on one of her old albums but in my case is on her first best-of collection, Immaculate Collection. This got me to thinking, what else is in this here iPod, here’s a light sampling:

  • Alice in Chains: the m’fin “Rooster” ya’ll, if you don’t know it listen to it, definitely a song for any soldier at war. Can’t remeber the original album name but I have it on their greatest hits album. 
  • Aaliyah: her last album
  • Lady Gaga’s “Fame”
  • Amy Whinehouse’s “Back to Black”, oh how I wanted to hear more music from this talented woman, R.I.P. Amy
  • Ce Ce Peniston’s single “Finally” off of who knows what album, this is some early 90s stuff for real
  • Curtis Mayfield’s single “Move On Up” from his Future Shock album, I just love this song, no matter what
  • Fela Kuti’s Fela album
  • LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, a classic and my first cd purchase
  • M.IA.’s Kala
  • Nas’s Ill Matic, It Was Written, and self-titled albums
  • Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth Mecca and the Soul Brother with one of my all time faves, They Reminisce Over You for Heavy D’s dancer Trouble T. Roy, that song can still bring me to tears
  • TV On The Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain
  • Wale’s Attention Deficit
  • some random mid-90s Baltimore Club remixes, most notably a club beat to South Park’s Terrance & Phillip saying “Shut your fucking face uncle fucker”…it looks horrible in writing but I promise if you hear it you’ll geek, plus the beat is haaarddd. I need to find a way to share that song, hmmmm
  • Total’s self-titled album under the early banner of Bad Boy
  • Sade’s Soldier of Love
  • Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt (of course) and Vol. 3 Life and Times of S. Carter
  • Katy Perry’s One of the Boys which for me has one of my favorite songs “Hot N Cold”, not only do I love the song I love the video
  • D-Block’s self-titled album with one of my favorite Styles P tracks, “I’m Black”, now that’s an anthem I can get behind
  • and both of Justin Timberlake’s: Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds

Wow! My list is long enough and doesn’t include all the cds I have stored away nor the remainder of artists that I actually uploaded to my iPod. Whenever I’m walking the streets listening to my iPod I always wonder if people around me would be surprised by what I’m listening to; I also wonder what they’re listening to. Your music choices can definitely categorize you, although my iPod library is eclectic there’s definitely a 90s hip-hop trend. As a voyeur, one of my wishes is that I could just have access to everyone’s iPod that I interact with each day and understand that I would have to allow the same transparency. Maybe I’ll look at somebody with a cocked eye like ‘whatchu talkin’ bout Willis’ or maybe I’ll understand them a little better, see some dimension. It’s hard to ignore first impressions but I think viewing someone’s listening catalog would make for some interesting conversations and could prove to be a great icebreaker. What’s in your iPod or MP3 player?

I just stumbled across this pic of my old work place. I would walk amongst those dusty volumes and find random treasures like the Soujourner Truth poem whose title I can’t recall that was written for her slave master and included in his obituary. I really need to research that. Another one of my favorite finds were all of the Harper Bazaar’s from the 19th century. What a magical place to have had the joy to work in:)

Miss Poogy has the nerve to think she can compare to Miss Piggy? Everyone knows Miss Piggy will karate chop that azz with no regrets. Miss Poogy is definitely a street chick but don’t get it twisted, Miss Piggy is the well-dressed, perfectly coifed, diva who doesn’t take any isht! hahahaha! 

The Holiday Season Jump-Off

Yesterday was Thanksgiving that holiday in which we gorge ourselves with food, watch football, and hopefully remember what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for quite a bit mainly that I have such a strong example of a woman in my mother, a great relationship with all of my siblings, and a supportive man in my life who also has a fantastic family. To add to my list, I have to say that I’m thankful for the older woman at the laundromat today who was kind enough to offer up 2 dryers with about 30 minutes left on each; not only did she not accept any quarters for her generosity, she picked the best dryers in the place, my clothes were dry in no time. Now that I’ve said what I’m thankful for I want to talk about the Muppet Movie and how awesome it was to jump off Thanksgiving weekend by seeing this movie with one of my girls the night before feast day.

I love, love, love The Muppets and always have from when I was a young kid. My favorite Muppet movies are the original Muppet Movie, Muppets Take Manhattan, Great Muppet Caper, Muppets in Space and now I can add this newest Muppet Movie installment. So let me set the scene: My home girl meets up with me at my place, we hang for a bit and then hit the street both giddy about seeing this movie on opening night and even better, seeing this movie on opening night without having to corral any kiddies. We cruise on over to The Avenue in White Marsh, buy our tickets and hit up Red Brick Station for martinis and dinner. After sharing an after-dinner smoke in the crisp evening air under the white lights of the Christmas tree in the square, we excitedly made our way back to the theater where we each got overpriced small sodas for $4.50. We then made our way inside where mercifully there were few children, mostly adults, and a choice of good seats. After sitting through one too many commercials and uninspired movie previews for children’s movies coming this summer, we were met with yet another delay, a Pixar short…normally I love their shorts but this one did nothing for me…finally after this short the Muppet Movie jumped off and I was blissfully cut off from the real world and entered into the fanciful musical world of the Muppets.

I would love to break the whole movie down, but since it just opened I don’t want to spoil it for anyone planning to see it. I can definitely say that this movie is more of a throwback to the original Muppet movies, particularly because this movie does not focus heavily on any of the newer characters who have been introduced in the past 10 years or so. This story essentially focuses on a man and a Muppet ‘finding’ themselves and along the way helping Kermit and crew rediscover themselves and reclaim Muppet Studios where all the Muppet Show magic took place.

Here are some of the things I geeked off of:

·         Walter’s hair (Walter is the newest Muppet and brother of Jason Segel’s character)

·         The Moopets especially Miss Poogy, Miss Piggy’s arch-nemesis (there’s always one)

·         Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ being performed in the oddest manner

·         Miss Piggy’s fly ass wigs and Chanel suit.

·         The best song of the entire movie, ‘Am I Man or a Muppet’


If any of ya’ll go see the movie please let me know so we can ‘talk amongst ourselves’. Hope the remainder of everyone’s weekend is full of fun and relaxation. I’m back to editing some pieces for my graduate school portfolio and sipping on some scotch or wine (not sure what I’m feeling yet)…later I’ll be posted up watching some movies.

I Need Some Guacamole!

My homeboy Brad said that to me just the other day, referencing his need for comfort food to get him through a difficult moment. That phrase cracked me up and made me think about my own comfort foods when faced with a daunting day. Seriously, depending on the day that comfort food could be anything: lasagna, homemade mixed greens salad with homemade olive oil/vinaigrette dressing, French toast, and pepperoni pizza to name a few. Today my wish is to partake in one of the amazing Angus burger meals at the sandwich shop around the corner from my place… not only are they fantastic and homemade, the meal is $5.25, which fits budget and taste buds. Problem is my stomach is gurgling at me and acting all kinds of confused because it was forced to succumb to a liquid diet all day yesterday. On top of only drinking water and sprite all day yesterday, I had to take some pipe-cleaning powder that once mixed with water and chilled in the fridge tasted like water infused with just the processed lemon powder flavor of Nestea mix with a lemony chalk finish. I had to drink 32 oz of that stuff over an hour and then set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. and drink another 32 oz over an hour. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get through the indignity that I anticipated a colonoscopy to be, shoot, initially it felt embarrassing to even say that word but let me tell you the medical field is all about separating the patient from the procedure and for that I’m grateful. I had anxiety this morning and when my doctor first recommended this procedure, in typical Cija fashion, I sat there and analyzed what I would look like on a table knocked out with my cheeks exposed to a stranger who was going to ‘do me one better’ and get to see more than I ever have which reminds me, we ladies get the bum end of the deal, GYN, nuff said! So while I spent last night and this morning internally freaking out, turns out once I was rolled into the ‘room’ and propped in the appropriate position, I woke up to a light tug and a discreet  blanketing of the rear. I marveled at how only minutes ago I was speaking with the technician who of course had to remind me that plenty more than a minute had passed. Apparently the Propofol worked…yes yes the drug that took Michael Jackson from us too soon. Let me go back before the procedure and tell you how the nurse was ensuring I understood what I was going to undergo, she then-with all seriousness-said the anesthesiologist will be using Propofol on you today. Insert me blinking my eyes with trepidation, in all of the anxiety-ridden hours leading to this moment, never once did the word Propofol come to mind. Now I’m thrust into this awkward moment with the nurse who sees my questioning eyes and says, “Yes, the Michael Jackson drug,” which broke the tension and made me respond, “No one will leave me unattended will they?” She was like, “Of course not!” which made us both guffaw and broke the tension.

Back to post-procedure and link-back to “I need some guacamole!”; the nurse warned me not to eat the cheeseburger I was fiending for today since my stomach is, I mean was (I had some scrambled eggs and bacon this morning) empty. So what comfort food do I want right now since I can’t go full-out like I promise to do next week for Thanksgiving? I guess I gotta settle for a turkey club which will be mellow enough to not enrage my stomach’s sensibilities…now if  only that delivery guy would hurry up!

Note: Health-wise I’m all good

Where all the magic happens…

I’m no culinary goddess but I absolutely love when my forays in the kitchen work out well. Don’t take this to mean I can’t cook, I definitely can but oftentimes I’m too lazy during the week for the prep work required for a tasty meal. Tonight, though, I did my thing…tossed greens, grilled chicken breast- care of the Foreman Grill, craisins -I hate that word, red onion and pieces of applewood bacon fresh from the oven (I loathe frying in a pan: it curls up and splatters all over the place including my glasses), all topped with a little goat cheese. I went a step further too…I washed the dishes while cooking so now I have a clean kitchen and a good meal ready to eat whenever I get hungry. The only thing I’m missing is a glass of wine, but alas, I’m fresh out so I must choose between some remnants of cherry vodka with no mixer or some Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey and channel my inner Flozell Leeth aka Pop-Pop, my mom’s father who hails from the backwoods of Alabama…just writing that line made the choice easy for me…whiskey it is!